Streaming that your audience wants to experience.

Live streaming in Greenland can be challenging. Let us take care of it.

Live concert streamed from Greenland, Iceland and Faroe Islands simultaneously. Listen to the concert on Youtube

Professional streaming service based in Nuuk

Streaming with experience

10+ years producing video content for documentaries and campaigns, television and the big screen.

10+ years developing digital solutions, websites and apps.

Streaming from anywhere

Video production has brought us all over Greenland and we’re always ready to travel for a good gig.

Our homebase is in Nuuk but we’ll bring our expertise and equipment along to help you stream from South to North, West to East.

Streaming with extra …

Live streaming is usually only a part of an event. Here’s a few things we’ve assisted with beyond the stream:

  • Secure streaming on private servers
  • Taking audience questions in real-time through custom websites
  • Created live graphics coordinated with on-location screens
  • Video production of pre-recorded content
  • Streamed from multiple locations at once

What’s your needs?

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Let’s work together on your next project

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Anders Berthelsen
Camera and Audio
+299 52 12 34

Pierre Minik Lynge
Stream technician and Programming
+299 52 95 00